A complete walkthrough of Trendy Applications for WP Users And Webmasters

By | February 4, 2016

Applications are a secret weapon for success nowadays. Though plenty already

exist, their universal creation and adoption are going to be key in 2016. According to this Harvard Business article, the average person interacts with

the apps 150 times a day. That is, if companies are not investing in applications or making their software products application-friendly, they are going to fall behind or become obsolete.

Likewise, if you are a WordPress blogger or a webmaster, then a perfectly designed application can do miracles for your domain. Whether you’re blogging from your desktop, laptop or mobile phones, you may easily download these applications that allow you to stay connected anytime anywhere.



Monitoring your website is a smart decision and just as important as backup and anti-virus. Pingdom is an excellent application to monitor your website and web applications. It let you know when your website is down or if a transaction is slow or broken. It alerts via email, SMS, Twitter, or via an app. They deliver a higher quality web experience using data.

Key features of Pingdom are:

– Monitoring websites & servers

– Detailed reports

– Significant interactions

– Analyze and come up with a solution to fix it

– Real data from real visitors equals real performance data

– Share your data with others

– Available for free on your mobile devices

Pingdom for WP Users or Webmasters

Pingdom’s Real User Monitoring: A simple plugin in Pingdom for WP Users may help them to monitor code snippet to tag on their WordPress blog. Once added, Pingdom immediately starts collecting data from users website’s visitors. All the collected data can be viewed at my.pingdom.com. It also helps to find out how is the site performing from a particular country or web browser. It reveals the fact that how every single visitor is experiencing a site.

Drop Box

Drop Box

Dropbox is an excellent free cloud storage provider. It saves media files, backups and other relevant documents for WordPress users on a cloud. It saves the file of the users irrespective of the user’s location or device in use. Several WordPress plugins allow you to integrate your WordPress site with your Dropbox account. Some important ones are:

– BackupBuddy: It automatically create backups on a given schedule and save them to any location you want including your Dropbox account.

BackWPup: It creates a complete backup of your WordPress site. It can also schedule users backup based on how frequently s/he updates the website.

– Post via Dropbox: It allows the users to create WordPress posts by uploading the text files on Dropbox account. It fetches the uploaded text file from the user’s Dropbox account after a user uploads or create a text file. By default, it uses the text file’s name as the title, but one can also define his/ her titles, categories, tags, etc.

– DropBox Photo Sideloader: This plugin is ideal for sharing personal photos and files from your Dropbox account.

– Gravity form Dropbox Uploader: Gravity Forms Dropbox Uploader is a free add-on plugin that allows the user to add uploads from Gravity Forms to his/ her Dropbox account.

– Simply Attached: As the name goes, it merely enables the user to attach any files from his/ her Dropbox account to the WordPress posts and pages.




People often see WordPress just a blogging platform. It now also involved into versatile content management system (CMS) and helps to create fully functional websites and mobile applications. WordPress combines simplicity for users and publishers with under-the-hood complexity for developers. This makes it flexible while still being easy-to-use. It is available for Android, iPhone, and other mobile devices. Designers also use it for the better conversion of HTML to WordPress theme management.

Some of its advantages are:

– User Management

– Media Management

– Publishing Tools

– Multilingual

– Search Engine Optimized

– Built-in Comments

– Extend with Plugins

  Easy Theme System

Facebook Pages Manager

Are you planning to promote your Facebook page via your WordPress site/blog? Then trust me, Facebook Pages Manager is considered as one of the best application.

Here are some of its salient features:

-Post new update, photos and respond to comments

-View and reply to private messages sent to your Page

-Get notifications about new activity on your Pages

-View your latest Pages Insights

-Turn push notifications on or off for each Page.

-Upload a photo to a particular album

-Attach a picture to a status update

-Change profile and cover photos

-Create a shortcut to a Page on your phone’s home screen

-Share links from other apps to Pages Manager.

Ever Note

Ever Note

Evernote is the most well-known digital notebook app similar to digital notes. The user can add text, images, audio, scanned documents, files and synchronize everything across all of your devices. The importance of Evernote is that it add everything—from typed-in notes to scanned documents to photos in one unorganized mess, and let you find anything you’ve ever added in seconds.


There are many advantages for Evernote users:

  • Gather ideas for content, anywhere
  • Plan content
  • Research in-depth articles
  • Manage your marketing strategy
  • Cooperate with your team
  • Share content and receive posts from guest authors or influencers
  • Create content (blog posts, e-books, graphics, social posts, and more)

WordPress users will find Evernote very easy. It may help to gather ideas, inspiration and research virtually from anywhere. The user can add blog posts that s/he write in Evernote to CoSchedule and quickly turn notes into WordPress blog posts.

BlogPad Pro

BlogPad Pro


Are you a casual blogger? Then this app is for you. It offers the convenience of blogging from anytime anywhere, irrespective of whether a blogger is online, offline or in the airplane mode. With a single click, you can sync the changes you have made in the offline mode. Add images and other media to posts, Reply, comment, and manage all your blogs.


The key features included within this app are:

– Markdown mode

– Autosave

– Add & edit feature images

– Full WYSIWYG editor

– Autosave and many more

This intuitive blogging application gives the WordPress users an exceptional experience from iPad. Here are some advantages for WP Users:

– It helps to manage multiple WordPress blogs with different user accounts.

– It contributes to saving the content locally even if the user is working in an offline or airplane mode and sync’s when online.

– WYSIWYG editing enables the posts with a touch of a button.

– Auto Saving of  Posts and Pages never lose the work.

– Helpful in Conflict Management i.e. never unwillingly overwrite user work when working on a multi-user blog.

– Quickly helps to write and edit raw HTML.

– Contributes to check, manage and reply to blog comments on the go

– Enables to add images from iPad, a URL or WordPress media library




Writer application is considered best for Android users. It is based on the “keep it simple” concept. It offers the best way to draft a post without the fuss and distraction of a traditional word processor. It also markdowns  H1, H2, H3, italics and bold that are required for formatting a writeup. It is enriched with handy word count and estimated reading time tools. 





Any.do is one of the most used apps if you are a WordPress user. It helps to organize your day by writing a list of tasks in order of some priority. With the Any.do application, you can quickly create multiple task lists of recurring tasks that need to be regularly scheduled. The best advantage of Any.do is that user can easily sync his/her tasks from their mobile to their home computer.

It’s powerful features are:

– Sync across devices

– Daily Planner

– Advanced recurring tasks

– List management

– Action shortcut

– Share and Delegate

– Notes, Notifications & comments

– Upload Files

– Reminders

Google Drive:

Google Drive:

Google Drive offers the most convenient way to store documents, spreadsheets, and images. Even my personal choice is also Google Drive! It is available in app-form, also. It offers the user to back up all their important information on the cloud, which means user are free to access their documents anytime anywhere.

It is so simple to leave an article at home or office. You can pick up where you left via the Google Drive app on your phone. Google Drive also provides a safe, convenient way to share files with others.

How Google Drive Embedder helps the WP Users:

– To centralize all corporate documents in Drive.

– Allow drag-and-drop of files into embedded Drive folders, and explore folders without leaving WordPress.

– Display files through embedded viewers, or link to open or download.

– Posts and pages can host their file attachments area, ultimately backed by Drive.

– Users can select Drive files from a WordPress popup box.




Instagram is an online fast and fun way of sharing photos. It enables the users to take pictures, videos and share them on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. It has 300 million active users per month which manifest the huge market for the businesses. WordPress users can even integrate their Instagram content into their WordPress site. A user can post only one image at a time. Or integrate the Instagram badge to invite others to visit your Instagram page.

Integrating Instagram with your website offers many advantages:

  1. It helps to improve the brand awareness, products or activities.
  2. It encourages the followers to share your content.
  3. It raises the credibility through users photos and videos.
  4. It enhances the relationships with the followers.

So, to sum up, I would say, if you spend your whole life in blogging at WordPress, then also you will never feel tiresome. But yes, these applications may be helpful to you to enhance your experience in using WordPress. Best of all is almost every application suggested above are free of costs or, at least, feature a free standard version.

Think upon which apps will suit you the most and try the benefits out of it!


Author Biography:

Samuel Dawson is a emerging developer of WordPress websites. He is a manager in Designs2html Ltd. The above written content is the great caliber of Samuel, where he has shown the WP applications which are worthwhile for everyone. He loves to convert PSD to WordPress themes and files.