How to Embed Video Using HTML5

By | May 18, 2015

Embed Video Using HTML5 

HTML5 is a main technology markup language. It is used for structuring content for the World Wide Web. It improves the language with the help of the latest multimedia it also allow all the readers to easily read the text. Features of HTML5 can also be run on low-powered devices like smartphones and tablets. In HTML5, we have many syntactic features like new video, audio and elements. It is a fact now that this HTML5 video has been taking the web world by storm. Now you can present your videos by using HTML5 instead of using Flash. We have these giant video sites like YouTube and Wikipedia, but now each one of us want our videos to get out of Flash. Microsoft recently has now made this announcement that it will be supporting HTML5. It is seen that only the updated and latest versions of browsers can support native video playback by using HTML5. Fx 3.5 and IE9, Safari 3 and Safari 4, Chrome 3+ and Opera 10.5 support your videos to be embedded in this HTML5. Here’s is this method that can tell you actually how you can embed your videos by using HTML5.

  1. First of all you have to encode video in both .ogv and .mp4 containers.
  2. You have to use the <video> tag in order to specify the dimensions of your video. You have to tell the system that you want to use the browser’s default controls.
  3. Right, within the video tag, you have to ass two<source> elements that will be linked to your video files.
  4. Then you have to “type” attribute of the <source> tag, it will help the browser to understand which movie file it should be loading.
  5. You have to use chunk of codes to specify the container format to your system, make sure that you enter the right video codec and the audio codec.
  6. You can make a assumption of using standard .ogv and baseline encoded H.264

It is seen that embedding HTML5 video isn’t not that much difficult than using Flash. If you have been in the habit of using H.264 video files in your Flash player then you can too easily use HTML5 beta. This is how you can easily and with much greater ease embed all of your video files in this HTML5. Now, gone are the days when people and all the computer users used to have Flash for embeding their video files, they can now use this conversion method. It will make their lives much smoother and flawless too. This HTML5 is a kind of markup internet language that is all accessible and it can be operated and run on your cell phones, laptops and smartphones. The only thing that you need to do is to understand this markup language and this video embeding and then draw comparison with the Flash method. Stay tuned and will be posting more detailing that how you can embed your videos by using HTML5.