How to make responsive website in Html

By | April 30, 2015

The demand to create a responsive website is all getting high. Only those sites of blogs are at the massive rating and ranking that have the responsive kind of themes, layouts, designs, foundation a and what else, all the unique and creative designing on their sites or blogs. If they know the mind of their visitor then it is much confirmed that they will be creating a responsive website. If you are looking to have the tutorial session that will let you know that how you can develop a responsive website then here is this post! It will be telling you that how you can best develop and create a unique kind of responsive website for your viewers. What you need in hand are the basic skills and knowledge in HTML and CSS. If you know well the use of these programming languages then you are at the better position to create an appealing kind of site or blog. Read and go through this responsive website tutorial!

Try to Understand the Foundation

First, you should be having a clear idea about Foundation and how layout works for any website. You have to come up with 12 columns in order to define the width of each “section” and these columns will be derived from foundation.css’ width of 1000px.  Place two “six columns” right inside of “twelve columns”, or you can say that “six columns” will be occupying 50% of the width of “twelve columns”.   It is a kind of nest of rows and columns and they are very much important for our layout.

How to Lay Out the Foundation

With the help of text editor, you have to create a file named by index.html and then do the coding part. This coding will deal with the Internet Explorer. This coding will be coming with different stylesheets that will be creating a responsive site so that it can run on your mobile devices too. It will be the layout of the foundation that will be giving header, body, footer and sidebar to your site and will make it more responsive. Now add some images and design to create a responsive web page!

Adding Unique Content

It is the crucial step which will make your webpage a responsive kind of one! You can insert images by using <img> tag. pattern background. By the insertion of unique and creative kind of content will be making your site much responsive that any one can imagine!

It can be said that it is the game of your mind, the more you know the tips and tactics of creating a responsive website and the better you know the mind of your audience, you will be then in a better position of making a flawless and smooth kind of responsive website. You can make an insertion of creative content, unique kind of themes and layouts, creative kind of responsive themes and in the end, all these interesting elements will be contributing in making a responsive kind of website of yours!

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