what is Cloud computing

By | April 13, 2015

Cloud computing is typically defined as a type of computing that is based on elintercambio resources (applications, space almacenamiento, software, etc) on the web,  have local servers or personal devices to store information and manage applications.


Computing in the cloud, the word “cloud” is used as a metaphor for “Internet”, which means “Computing on the Internet”, where different services, such as servers, storage, applications are sent to equipment and devices of an organization or network via Internet.

 With the rapid development of wireless and mobile technologies, people are leaving behind the use of stationary computer. And Cloud Computing going on that line.

It is the new paradigm in which it is assumed, will perform Internet in the not too distant future.

The concept comes from the necessity that has experienced Internet user access only stopped when facing the desk and now accessed from mobile devices such as tablets or cell. The paradigm shift that brings cloud computing is that it allows increasing the number of services offered on the Internet.

The Pioneers – Microsoft and Google

 The first began by offering storage space associated with your mail systems Hotmail, so that the user could access it from any computer that has Internet access through your own email account. The second, has spent years developing and refining its platform of services like Google Documents and Google Calendar, which, without offering a “virtual hard disk” still allows the storage and use of online software.Currently there is talk of three layers in the development of this new technology. The first, called “infrastructure as a service”, is offering services such as DropBox, for example, public or private accounts that support for storing information of any kind, but does not allow editing.The second layer, located in the middle and dubbed “service platform” is more complex and refers to web applications that allow developing other work platforms (or programs) remotely. This means that no longer will require a super computer to write software, but will have the necessary tools hosted on a web server and can be accessed from anywhere, regardless of the device characteristics.The third layer, higher than the previous two, is the “software as a service”. Clear examples of this are, for example, the remote system emails for companies used as the basis Gmail service, or Microsoft Office 365 platform web that contains the Office tools so 100% online.

what is Cloud computing

Why this issue has become so popular in recent times ?

Basically because with the rapid development of wireless and mobile technologies , people are leaving behind the use of the stationary computer to migrate to devices that allow us to wander the city and be always aware of our work. This requires us to access the greatest possible amount of information without bringing with us. Thus, when we talk about cloud computing, what we mean is the paradigm that will allow us to definitely detach from the “slavery” which for some means to be at the desk just because of not being able to take with all information needed.

Many businesses opt for this type of service as it provides much of the maintenance tasks in the IT department of each . Whether cloud computing has the sole purpose to save costs in hardware maintenance companies also substantial savings in terms of buying licenses is very visible in finance from them.

Examples of services cloud computing and there are many such indication only some .

· Facebook

· Twitter

· Google ( services like gmail , youtube, searching , etc … )

· Wikipedia· Etc ..

Architecture Nube:

Clear the cloud are internet servers . but here we must distinguish something, which is the architecture of the cloud , that is actually scientific progress and consists of the following.

As many more people joined the Internet so the companies providing a service, scenario like google and others, tended strong demand for requests to their servers , so it was a very high cost if any their servers could fail, since before the cloud architecture servers were independent of all. This made a solution to this problem might arise.Thus was born the architecture of cloud and is basically the following:

Connect the power of all independent and servers together to make a great force while not dependent on each server.Taking that as a premise, then in the architecture of the cloud happens that all requests arriving not only go to a server, otherwise they go to the farm with this produces what is called load balancing.This theme can delve into another article, back to cloud computing.

Benefits of computing nube:

Among the benefits we can get as users, which are shoulder more of the following.

· Ability to access your services from anywhere in the world

· Not having the need to install extra software to use software in the cloud

. (Except a browser)

· Ability to access your services on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc …)

· Having an easy scalability of resources that gives us our service provider

.Among other benefits that we can find.